Bako makes a triumphant return to the global business landscape since the covid-19 crisis with the creation of Bako Enterprises, Bako Motors, Bako Productions, and Bako Capital. He also launches the reinvention of his personal brand and officially changes his social media name to The Bako Way.


Bako attended the Future Investment Initiative (FII) in Saudi Arabia where he officially announced his plan for Labacorp Plaza in Ghana, a three (3) phase mixed-use development project that will feature high-end, attractively designed buildings setting with architectural controls. The complex will be the new center of gravity for entrepreneurship, leisure, and luxury lifestyle in Ghana, with modern infrastructure and world-class amenities, facilities, and security within the Labacorp Plaza to be developed by Labacorp Properties.


Bako established Laba Ventures FZ-LLC in Dubai, UAE to engage in solar energy and components trading. He also established LMC EcoTech, Co., Ltd in Nigeria, a JV Partnership with MECEN IPC Co., Ltd, a South Korea-based company to set up a PET bottle waste recycling plant to recycle post-industrial and post-consumer PET bottle waste and produce more value-added products such as rPET flake, Polyester staple fiber and non-Woven geotextile which has wide application range in various industry fields. The target market of the final product is the domestic market in Nigeria and the overseas market.


FORBES Africa names Bako one of the top “30 under 30 Young Business Leaders in Africa”. He also launched the Quarantine and Read Challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic to give individuals access to critical resources to stay strong during the crisis.


Bako is named Most Admired Young Global African 2019 by PASSION VISTA. He also transitioned to Africa and launched Labacorp Energy Limited in Cameroon and Labacorp Solar Academy initiative to popularise access to renewable solutions to quickly address the energy access challenge on the African continent. He would also enter into a partnership with Confortis International S.A for the Development of a 5 MW solar plant, 2.5 MW inverter, and battery station with a generator at the Wellcity project in Lome, Togo.


Bako made history by hosting Africa Trade and Investment Global Summit (ATIGS), the largest Africa-Global centric event in the United States on June 24-26 in Washington DC. The event took the world by storm as more than 3000 delegates from over 92 countries including Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Japan gathered at at the Ronald Reagan Building-World Trade Center to facilitate deal making, co-investments, strategic partnerships, and business networking all under one roof. The well celebrated event featured on the Nasdaq Tower, Times square, New York, the most valuable advertising spaces in the world, and was considered the 2018 premier Africa-focused event held in USA. Over one (1) billion U.S dollars’ worth of deals were signed at the event. He would be named one of the Most Influential People of African Descent (Under 40) by MIPAD.


Bako launched the Africa Worldwide Alliance Partnerships (AfriWAPA), a trade marketing and pavilion initiative to help African enterprises of all sizes build their brands and businesses at international trade shows. He later makes history by hosting the first Africa House at the famous South by South West event in Texas bringing African start-ups from several countries to showcase their technologies and innovations. He also entered into a partnership with EPIcenter, a $74 million project – transforming a historic power plant in San Antonio into a world-class center with five (5) elements: a think tank, incubator, fabrication laboratory, exhibit space, and a conference center – all focused on new energy innovation. Founders CPS Energy, Land is+Gyr, Silver Spring Networks, and OCI Solar.


Bako created Solar Business Events (SBE), the largest solar show in Texas which consists of Solar Business Festival (SBF), Solar Business Expo (SBE), and Solar Pioneer Awards Ceremony (SPAC). Solar Business Festival rapidly became a significant business platform for knowledge sharing, connectivity, marketing, and sales. He also pledged $50,000 USD to the creation of a Solar Career Fair towards advancing the solar industry. Bako also appeared on multiple magazine covers and radio shows as an industry game changer in Texas.


Bako published the book `’Ingredients To Uplift Your Journey” with Profound stories to keep your hopes alive and increase your productivity. He also published the book”Who Is in Your Ears: Practical Lessons That Will Bring Out The Best In You. He also established Labacorp Holdings USA, LLC as a Delaware company to manage the activities of Labacorp Group in the United States.


Bako makes the transition to Texas from Maryland and establishes his presence in Texas through Global Attain Advancement LLC and systematically added more businesses under Labacorp Group to leverage the synergies that exist between its operations in the events industry and its core economic operations in manufacturing, power, real estate, and agriculture. He published the book ‘Destined to Win in the Game of Life: The Power to Tap Into Your Potential.


Labacorp Industries Limited was formed to contribute towards Africa’s industrialization. Partnership with Eco-Ship for the Transformational programme to construct the planet’s most environmentally sustainable cruise ship. Partnership with NxtPort, Port of the Future for a data utility platform that will collect and pool data from various stages in the supply chain of the Port of Antwerp.


The 2012 Energy Congress was organized by President Barack Obama, who also spoke at several colleges in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia). A local organization was required to plan the Congresses at some colleges. Due to Bako’s involvement in community events, he saw an opportunity to register an events company for just 850 USD to handle logistics and event management, among other things, which is what can be considered the core of the Labacorp Group.


Bako was appointed as the President of the international student organisation at Maryland’s Anne Arundel Community College. He led a major team that plans and executes community events all over the DMV (D.C., Maryland, and Virginia). Additionally, he became an independent distributor for the company “Market America” Shop.com, where he ran an online store selling personal care and cosmetics items. This was the key to his professional success.